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Lots of useful tips for holidaying in Nice

Romance in Nice City

Couples visiting Nice need to know about the romantic options and here are some:

1. Parc Phoenix- Found is a glass house that is among one of the largest in the world along with many rare plant pieces. This is a must see place for couples and lovers of nature. There are exotic flowers, collections of animals, and plants that are intriguing. You will leave here spellbound from the beauty of the nature.

2. Jardin d’Eden– This garden sets atop the roof terraces of the modern art museum in Nice.  It offers a great view of the city, old town, and hills that circle the city. There are works of art that are through the garden as well as recordings of sounds that make you feel like you are in a forest. You can only get access to this garden by going through the modern art museum.

3. Place du Palais-de-Justice– This consist of warm colors of stone paving that is attractive as well as a fountain that catches sunlight from the Mediterranean. The architectural beauty is highlighted at the top of the staircase that is beyond impressive. There is a bell tower that is small on the right and running behind it is archways. You can visit the cafe here and really feel the Mediterranean atmosphere.

4. Musee des Beaux-Arts – There is a gallery here that is devoted to Second Empire masters here as well as Bell Epoque . The gallery contains sculptures. This is a great place for couples to go and really just enjoy the art work that is present.

These are only a few of the many romantic places for couples to visit while vacationing in Nice, France. The city in and of itself is extremely romantic and can rekindle your relationship but adding in the extra romantic places is sure to help you and your significant other be able to connect and make memories that are sure to last for a lifetime.

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Ski Resorts to Visit Near Nice

When visiting Nice during the winter you will want to check out some of the ski resorts:

Greolieres Les Neiges– This is a large ski resort that has a total of 16 lifts. There is a 400 meter descent that is offered here. There are also 19 miles of ski trails that are cross country. This resort is located west of Nice 17 miles.

La Colmiane- This great resort for skiing is medium in size and has a total number of 6 lifts and a 350 meter descent. There is 19 miles of pistes. The resort is located only 25 miles north of Nice.

Beuil Les Launes – There are more options at this resort than just skiing. Here you will find options for canoeing, paragliding, and even hiking. There are a total of 53 trails here and 21 lifts. This is a great resort for those who are looking to do a little more than just ski. It is located 31 to the northwest of Nice.

Valberg- This is another large resort that has 21 lifts and a vertical descent of 416 meters. The terrain here stretches over 618 acres and has over 52 pistes. The total length here is 56 miles. This resort is suited best for snowboarders and skiers that are at an intermediate level but there is a place for both advanced and beginning skiers. There are 16 miles of ski trails for cross country. Snowboarders will be able to make use of the terrain park located here as well. This resort is 32 miles to the NW of Nice.

All resorts can be easily reached with the help of a car hire Nice Airport service. Using a cost comparison model is usually the best way to find the cheapest deal.

Isola 2000– Located 34 miles north of Nice this resort can be found. The drive to this resort is spectacular. This is a great place for intermediates and beginners. IT is close to the sea. Many people find that this is a resort that is necessary when visiting Nice because even the drive there is one that is breath taking and one that you are sure not to forget.

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What Should I do in Nice City?

Nice is a fairly small city when it comes to its size. Still, it is excellently built from all points of view and there is a high chance that, no matter what your tastes are when it comes to traveling, you will find something to fall deeply in love in this city.

If you like arts, then you should know the fact that the Nice city has one of the most famous museums of the world: the Matisse Museum. This is the place to go if you want an infusion of gorgeous Matisse paintings, since the museum is dedicated to the work of this famous painter. Marc Chagall is another artist whose work has found a home in Nice after his death, so you may want to see that as well. Furthermore, the Beaux Arts Jules Cheret Museum will also be one of the must-see places in Nice for those who like arts.


If you are more into science, then Nice will have something for you as well. The Nice Astronomical Observatory was built in 1879 and this makes it both a gorgeous architectural beauty and a marvelous go-to place for those in love with science.

Churches are also something Nice will amaze you with. From the imposing Notre Dame de Nice to the heart-warming Nice Cathedral and to the more exotic Russian Orthodox Church in Nice, spirituality will simply feel at home in this gorgeous Southern French city.


Nice will be unforgettable for those who give it a chance. Under the French skies, everything seems more classy and this seaside French city is the living proof for the fact that the “old” does not have to stay “old” and that the “new” should never destroy the “old”.

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Finding your way around Nice Airport

If you have decided to visit the South of France, then Nice is surely among the places you want to visit. This beautiful city will leave an unforgettable mark on you and it will bewitch you with its magic ambiance and color scheme. Furthermore, you will never have the chance to get bored in Nice, since there are a lot of things to do and places to see both in the city and around it.

Most likely, the first “acquaintance” you will make in Nice will be its airport. The Nice Côte d’Azur Airport covers an area of about 3.7 square km (or 1.43 square miles) and it can theoretically support 52 movements (or 26 landings), all of these features making it the third largest airport in France (while both of the first two ones are in Paris). The airport is situated at less than 6 km from the city (or 3.7 miles) and because it is very close to Monaco, it is the city-states own airport as well. From its two terminals, airplanes leave for destinations in the entire Europe (and not only, since it also features Transatlantic destinations such as Montreal).


The history of the airport is strongly related to the beginnings of the French aviation. The first airshow in Nice took place in 1910 and 8 years later postal flights between Corsica and Nice started to be used. The actual airport was officially born two years later, in 1920. However, up until the end of the World War II, there weren’t any major improvements made to the airport and it was only then that passenger flights started to appear. The ascension of the airport rapidly move towards a new era and by 1950, there were already several hundreds of thousands of passengers who had stepped on the soil of the Nice airport.

On both terminals, you will be able to find all that you need, from eating facilities to Internet kiosks and from shops to a post office. All these facilities have been created to make your stay in the airport, no matter how long or small, as enjoyable as possible.

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